Hey you

I’m happy to see you around !

This blog is my journey to a positive place, a long journey I’ve started slowly. They say life is a journey, but often we don’t get the choice for our final destination. So I’ve decided to work on it. I’ve decided to put an end to the journey others have been planning for me all these years, and create my own, a brand new adventure. I’ve chosen to share it because I love writing. It became my platonic catharsis. I’m trying my best to question everything I assumed about life, review my opinions and learn the power of love. I also chose to write this blog to give life to this quest I’ve started. I believe that once you lay down your thoughts and share them, they don’t belong to you anymore. Writing has this power to make things clearer. Instead of that big mess in your head, you get it all in front of your eyes. All of a sudden, They come to life  and free your mind. It is important to me to share my journey because I know  that I’m not the only one questioning many things about this life, from small details to bigger concepts. I have so many doubts and questions about life, so I’m inviting you to come along and share this journey with me.

Since I’m questioning my own life and perceptions, there’ll be many race, origin and identity related posts.  I’d like it to be a real dialogue. Anything you read here is just my own opinion. People have this annoying way of taking one person’s word as representative of a whole nation or the majority of a group. I’m not. I don’t represent anybody else than myself and my doubts. If while you are reading my words you have any opinion, just share them, I’d love to hear from you.

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