I don’t know how to stand out in the middle of a crowd. I don’t know how to talk louder than anybody else. I don’t like to be the shinier thing in the room, I don’t like people staring at me.

 Often, you’ll find me sitting in a corner at many parties. You’ll never see me owning the whole dance floor, even when I die for it.

You’ll see me change my mind 10 times for an outfit cause the first one was too much. I could put on weaves and makeup all day, I could use one of those carrot body lotions, to make my skin lighter, so you all could see me in the dark. Some higher heels too.

 But that’s pointless to me. Living to be the prettiest? To shine brighter than all? Totally pointless for that is an endless game I don’t want to get in. I’d rather compete with myself to be a better person, you won’t find me trying to be the pretty girl of this night, there’s so many types of beauties, one only cannot win.

You might see me and think I’m not a good dancer, or I’m hostile with that serious face I always have. You might think I’m not fun and open-minded and it’s alright because I’m tired to prove different.

 If ever you come to me, you might hear that loud stupid laughter of mine, you might know that I’m just too shy to be loud in the crowd.

 You might hear one of the many awkward adventures I experienced.  You might know that I really do always laugh a lot, even when a complete stranger declares how crazy in love he fell with me. Or when I fall down to the ground and can’t stand up for I laugh too much.

 If you ever need to talk, you’ll know I’m there, I might not give you the answers you need but I’m a good listener. We could dream together about the places we would go and the things we could do. We could make infinite plans.

 If you come close enough, I promess you’ll see me shine, cause I always do.

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