Somebody else

Think I had lost my way
I was going for somebody great
Somebody fun and smart
Somebody faithful and caring
Somebody who knew what love is
Instead I somehow ended up with you
I wasn’t coming for you
This was never my plan
But you never let me leave
You kept me
Holding me so tight
I thought that’s what love felt like
You know
When you cherish one so much
You never want them to go
I thought that’s why you kept me so close
With my eyes blinded
I thought you were protecting me
From the ugliness outside
But you were hiding your own ugliness
Now I know
That love will never enslave me
That when you meet love, freedom begins
It makes you light and free
It really do feel good
I need that
Lightness after this heavy life
And freedom, after being chained to you
Love, something you never wished for me
Love… do you know about it?



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