Please, leave

Every time you turn your back around
My heart breaks a little more
For I know what you are doing
When you pick up your phone
I know who’s on the other line
I know all of the names
Maybe I’m crazy for staying
That one,
I know about her name
I know about her seductive manners
I know how she misses you
I know she asks “where you at”
Some nights I want to take your phone and ask her to come get you
Because I miss you too,
even when you lay right next to me
I’d rather be the other girl
The one you miss and fantasise about
The one receiving sweet messages
So maybe if I let you go, it will get better
I know about the sweet words
You see, I’ve got all of the information
And I’m laying here
Watching your back
I could try to sleep
But your screen’s light keeps me awake
I imagine the words you’re saying
The sheetsmove to the rhythm of your typing hand
You seem full of sweet words for her.
I wonder what keeps you from joining her
Why you stay and lay next to me
I won’t keep you from leaving
I don’t want you here
And it’s burning
I contain it,because I don’t know how to express it.
Help yourself and go.

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