Free my mind

When I’ll be done writing about you
I’ll live again,
Renewed but yet experienced
A mind as new as a newborn’s
But a soul full of lessons.
I choose to write these words
They are all that I should have told you
Don’t imagine me miserable while I’m writing
Actually these words give me life
By getting out of my mind and laying here,
In front of my eyes
They bring freedom and life
In my mind they move so fast
So quick to change
From one word to its opposite
From my message to its opposite
From one feeling to its opposite
From desire to disguise.
I gained control over them through writing
They look so painful
While I know I don’t want that pain
They look so lifeless
While I know I’m full of life
They look like what I don’t want to be anymore.
So I write them
And I know everything will be fine later on
One more note to myself.

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