When the person is silent and distant

You think maybe it’s the beginning

Maybe this is one of those souls that needs time

Maybe this soul is afraid to give itself

So I’ll be patient

I’ll do with any crumb of love I can get

The scarce attentions make me love you more

And leave me burning to reach your soul and have it all

But I stay silent and patient

By your side

Until I see it

So clearly that it hurts from my eyes to the bottom of my soul

What I finally see

Is that you are fully able to give

You needed no time

What you needed was someone else

It hurts so much to see how even more beautiful you are when you give

I crave you more

It hurts to see all that you can give to others

While I’ve been desperate to get each crumb of your love

I now know that what I was getting

Was just the remainder of what you offered outside the home

It hurts for that I know there is no more reason to wait anymore

It hurts for that I know you have no need of my patience 

It hurts for that I don’t know what to do with all that time I made, to be patient by your side

It hurts for that I have no plan B

But you

You had plans for each letter of the alphabet

Plans for each day of the year

Plans for every hour of the day

None of them included me.

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