Sweet heart

What if I give you my heart?
What would you do with it?
Why would you possess it?
What if it wasn’t meant to be given.
What if you were to never get it.
I could let you see it, touch it, listen to it.

My heart.
But I can’t give it to you.
It’s too big of a loss.
I’ll show you what’s in there.
Sometimes it is beautiful.
I want you to see it.
How much peace and beauty it holds.
I want to show you what your touch provokes in there.
I want you to see all the beauty mixing up to the sound of your voice
You must see how powerful your presence is,
in that heart.
But sometimes it is scary.
It gets really dark inside.
Dark and blurry.
At those moments, you’ve lost your power.
Your voice, your touch, your presence, all boil my heart.
It is frightening how everything suddenly changes.
For no apparent reason.


A. ♥♥

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