Magic touch

I laughed at love songs
I passed over poems
I mocked love
I denied the possibly for it to ever reach me
I was certain that won’t happen to me
You see
I knew how to handle them bad boys
The fuckboys
The cowards
The womanizer
I’ve heard about them
I’ve talked to them
I’ve laughed with them
I listened
I took notes and processed them
I knew how they do their things
I knew how they come with sweet words
I knew their gestures and postures
I knew how they’d look right in your eyes, and lie
I knew how hard it would be to fight their lies
But man
I was certain I could handle them

When they get their eyes into yours
It feels like they’re straight in your soul
It feels like they touch it
And for some reason that touch is sweet and nice
And that’s how you’ll fall
You see
I just knew
So when the man opens his mouth
I tell him, to shut up and stop the lies
When the man looks up to me
I turn my eyes
You see
They won’t get that soul

But then you touched me
Out of nowhere
Nobody told me about the touch
The physical one
The one that burns
The one that erases everything else
That one
Nobody told me
All of a sudden, my voice mutes
My eyes close
I can’t move
You see
I don’t know what to do anymore
I’ve forgotten my lessons
I want to escape
But it feels as if my skin would burn,
If you ever took off your hands
It feels as if I would disappear as soon as the touch disappears
You see
You got me
Now I feel like my survival depends on that touch of yours
You see
I’m enslaved.


A. ♥♥

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