Come on and dance

Get alone
Turn on the music
whatever music makes you happy
And dance,
Slow down
If your lucky enough to know some Cuban or Colombian moves, go for it
If you know any African moves, go for it
If you want to do hip hop, break, or whatever, go for it
Oriental moves? Go for it!
Do your favorite steps
Nobody is watching
Do a valse on your own
You’re in no competition
Watch your body move
Appreciate the great capacities for your body
Your feet supporting all of your weight
That’s fantastic
Keep moving
See your arms, they are strong too
Move it all,
Head, shoulder, the boobies, the belly, the waist
Your back and legs.
What if you can’t move one part of your body?
Then you still have the rest of your body
Don’t dissuade yourself
If you can’t move at all
Close your eyes and feel the music inside you
Connect with it
Feel your body vibrating
Do you feel it?
Do you feel the music?
Do you feel the joy?
Do you realize how powerful your body and your mind can be?
Have our noticed their connection?
Enjoy it all the time you need
Look for something you love about your dancing body, and a little bit of your negativity dies.
Love won.

A. ♥♥

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