Social media may have got me a bit.  I’ve resisted so long before getting into it, because I knew what to expect from it. I’ve been the last one of my friends to have an Instagram account, I was scared of temptation, jealousy, fakeness, self-hate and all those bad feelings I could get seeing all these “perfect people” showing off their perfect lives. I was scared that the contemplation of others success makes me look into my own journey and feel useless. That was what really scared me about social media, feeling useless in front of others achievements and being stuck into it, not finding my way out. But I have to admit that even though I found a lot of what I was expecting on Instagram, I also got to discover so many passionate persons. I found a place where all things link up and create great sources of inspiration whether it is fashion, culture, or yet politics.

Still I can’t help feeling insecure about my body or life many times, while scrolling through my feed. You know, there are those days you pass the mirror, and then you’re like “whaaaaat”, step back real quick. You get back right in front of the mirror and you’re like “my legs look so thin and long. And that ass … Oh my God”  When you spend your time on Instagram looking at all these pictures of those fine girls, with their goal bodies and sh*t, what do you do when you look in the mirror and see all that you loved about those girls body ? SHOW IT. Let’s be honest, you just want to show the world. Because of all the days you looked in the mirror and find yourself not good enough, because you took others standards for yours. So YES, right now, on that moment you’re thinking you look pretty good, you want to show it for the rest of the planet to see that you too are fine as hell. Taking a flattering picture, that unfortunately shows off a lot, feels like raising a huge middle finger, right in the world’s face. We’re saying a big f*ck to the world for the time it tried to take away our self-love. For the times it tried to put the standards so high that we’ll never get there. For the times it made us feel miserable. For the times we cried alone. For the times we started useless diets. For the times we failed to go the gym. For the times we did not dress as we wished. For the times it didn’t look at you. You just want to show the world that you do exist, that you are real and perfect. You may just want to send a f*ck to the world and keep going in your life. Or you may want that world to praise you, and there you get trapped. You get trapped in the vicious circle, the world’s standards are permanently rising, and you never know what you’ll find in your mirror the next day.

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